5:37pm 12-26-2022
Alexander Baron
Anon - e-mail me direct. Details on the homepage and on my other websites.
6:01pm 12-12-2022
Hi, First of all, I admire how you found time to collect and publish this false accusations timeline. I have a question; how can I submit new entries for you to review and add to the website?
12:31pm 04-12-2021

The case involving Anna Costin you need to contact Sara Heath to discover why you should remove the information as you will understand Anna is a victim as those men did indeed know her for a long period and they tormented her in Shrewsbury town centre - the CCTV was installed to gather evidence against Anna as the previous court cases were thrown out or probation given

Eg. Daniel H was facing sexual & physical assault charges and his own barrister told him when you’re charged expect to go to prison! I discovered certain facts that a Shropshire female magistrate provided him accommodation in her home with her young adult son and reintroduced his previous GF and they conspired together to get him! I initiated a formal complaint against the magistrate and the CPS very quickly dropped the case!

UK lawyers to save time on legal aid will do very little work or expose certain evidence where possible encourage disabled defendants to plead guilty

Yes she did out of desperation make allegations of rape to get those men out her life - some did engage in sexual acts with Anna with consent but also would steal her prescription drugs and money

Mental Health team ONLY provided a little support when she was destined to go to prison and today she’s released all she gets is 3 x 3 hour support each week and MH team refuse to allow her to gain substantial support via a external care agency which could be several hours every day!! She broke her wrist in prison and now broke her arm and her support worker from MH team refuses to help carry her grocery shopping saying it’s not their job etc